We are a non-profit greyhound adoption organization dedicated to finding the best quality pet homes available for retired racing greyhounds. We are also committed to creating public awareness about these wonderful four-legged athletes as pets. 

To receive an application form and an extensive information package on greyhound adoption please click on the
"Mail In Application Request" button. Then fill in the blanks. When completed print the form and mail it to us with a $3.00 fee, to cover printing and mailing. 

We encourage you to gain as much knowledge as you can about this, or any pet, prior to making a life-long commitment. To assist you, we have  many greyhound books available. "The Best Finish: Adopting A Retired Racing Greyhound" is an excellent, and inexpensive starter book, which outlines the 'pros' and 'cons' of adopting a greyhound. If you wish to purchase this book with the adoption kit, both items are available for only $19 (a saving of $3)
Also available, the third edition of this world renowned book on greyhound adoption. "Adopting the Racing Greyhound" by Author, Cynthia Branigan is the most comprehensive book of it's type on the market. Considered a 'must read' by many greyhound adoption groups and greyhound owners. If you wish to purchase this book with the adoption kit, the book & kit are available for only $28 (a savings of $3) 
If ordering an Information Kit and book, you can use our on-line order form at the bottom of the page.

Upon receipt of your application, we will contact you to arrange a home visit. By conducting a home visit, we can better assess the environment into which the dog will be going. This allows us to better match each pet to their new family. 

An adoption fee is required to help offset the many costs incurred. 
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ADOPT-A-GREYHOUND restricts its placement of greyhounds to homes in Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec and upper New York State. This limit allows us to provide post adoptive support. 

If you are outside our area, please contact us by Email, or order an information package and it will include a  contact closer to you.