These lightweight plastic muzzles are humane, allowing the dog to pant, drink, even eat a cookie! Medium fits most females and large fits most males (Specify)
Black only



For the responsible dog owner, a unique and convenient way to carry pick-up bags (included).  Attaches with a Velcro loop to any belt, dog leash handle or your wrist. Velcro closure pocket on the side for car keys, treats, etc.. Colourful 100% washable cotton.
(patterns & colour may vary)

3M VetrapTM Bandaging Tape. Clings to itself, not the dog's fur. Excellent for wrapping dew claws, supporting joints and as a flexible bandage.  Should not be applied directly over an open wound.  Red only. 2" x 5yd (5cm x 4.5m) $2.50